The Complete Guide to Building Barns & Outbuildings: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Complete Guide to Building Barns & Outbuildings: A Step-by-Step Guide


Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

Soft Cover, 192 pages, published 2012

ISBN #: 978-1601383723

By: Tim Bodamer


The iconic image of the American barn is as old as the farms on which they are built and yet they still serve a much needed purpose today, housing the animals that so many small farm owners work with and the feed and supplies needed to maintain those animals. Every well meaning farmer or property owner with livestock, small animals, or farming equipment has need of a barn or a series of outbuildings for housing them. Knowing how to build these buildings is a necessary first step.


This book has been designed with the goal of ensuring everyone who is currently or has ever thought of building their own barn or outbuilding knows exactly what is entailed, from inception to the final design stages. Starting with the most basic steps of assessing the needs of your specific animals, you will learn exactly what you need to start building outbuildings and barns for your pets. You will learn how each animal needs to be cared for and what space they need in a barn as well as the dimensions, necessities, and spaces you may not have considered in your outbuildings, from motorized machinery, to shop space for fixing things and loft space for everything from hay bales to feed and farming equipment. Regardless of what you need for you farm or small property, you will have a complete list of spaces and suggested dimensions in your barns and outbuildings.


Small farmers and construction experts were interviewed for this book and have provided detailed information about how you can create and build the proper necessities for everything you need. You will learn which building materials are best for creating your barn as well as the best designs, methods of building, places to look for equipment or hire help, and backup plans in case of any problems that might occur. You will learn how to effectively draft and prepare plans that go over everything you need in an outbuilding from start to finish and then learn how to implement it effectively. For anyone looking to build their own outbuilding or barn, this book will walk you through every step of the process.


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