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Introduction to Medical Ozone and Ozone Therapy

Medical ozone has practical uses both as an emergency preparedness and everyday medical therapy.  It is an inexpensive, effective, safe and proven treatment method.  For those emergency preparedness minded people having access to a medical therapy that can be used at home that has antiviral properties, is a bactericide, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory would be a huge asset to their medical plan.  Another great benefit is that many of the ozone therapy resources do not require a prescription, are easy to store and affordable for most people.  Ozone therapy is low cost for both the patient and the doctor and a number of treatment methods can be performed at home.  Another potential benefit is that ozone can often help when traditional medicines have failed.

Ozone has over 100 years of medical history and there are 40 National and international medical ozone associations.  There are 25,000 physicians and clinics that use medical ozone on millions of patients worldwide.  Despite its history and usage only a relatively small amount of physicians in the United States use ozone, but it’s slowly gaining ground. The U.S. FDA does not recognize any medical benefit from medical ozone.  As a matter of fact they consider it a toxic gas.  Reference FDA Sec. 801.415 “Ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy”...  With so many worldwide studies and documentation as to the safety and effectiveness of medical ozone, could the FDA’s opinion be in place to protect the U.S. pharmaceutical industry?   You research and decide for yourself.

Medical Properties of Ozone

Ozone has several general properties that account for its many clinical uses:

     ·         Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system

     ·         Ozone stimulates increased uptake and utilization of oxygen

     ·         Ozone increases the efficiency of the body’s anti-oxidant enzyme system

     ·         Ozone improves circulation

     ·         Ozone is anti-inflammatory

     ·         Ozone is anti-microbial

     ·         Inactivation of bacteria, viruses and fungus


Ozone Treatments

Ozone treatments can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the individual clinical situation. Dosages, methods of administration and treatment intervals are important considerations when seeking to gain the greatest benefit. Some of the common ways that ozone can be administered are:

     ·         Insufflations (rectal & vaginal)

     ·         Auricular insufflations

     ·         Limb bagging

     ·         Topical exposure (ozonated olive oil)

     ·         Joint or subcutaneous injections

     ·         Major or minor autohemotherapy (mixing ozone with blood and re-infusing)

     ·         Dissolved in IV fluid solutions (saline)


Medical Ozone Therapy Training & Consulting


Dr. Jose Luis Gallardo

Holistic Medical Practitioner

 Queretaro, Mexico

Languages Spoken:  Spanish & English

Contact Information

Telegram App:  http://t.me/jwgallardo

Facebook:  https://www.fb.com/MASHqro/

Email: [email protected]

Telephone:  (+52) 442-160-6007

 Web Site:  http://mash.mx/

Online Training Available

Rate:  $75.00 per hour


Training & Consulting is Available For The Following:

·         Selecting The Right Ozone Generator & Equipment

·         Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV)

·         Ozonized Saline IV Therapy

·         Minor Autohemotherapy

·         Rectal Insufflation

·         Vaginal Insufflation

·         Ear Insufflation

·         Limb Bagging

·         Cupping Technique

·         General Ozone Therapy Questions 

·         Making Ozonated Oil

·         Making Ozonated Drinking Water

·         Breathing Ozone Bubbled Through Olive Oil (BOO)

**Warning – Never Breath Ozone Directly!

 * Dr. Gallardo is not affiliated with JIC Readiness Supply


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