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The NukAlert-ER™, with its unique 'Extended Range' Continuous Coverage from 1µR/hr through 600R/hr, performs all of the functions of the three devices that constituted our now lapsed Civil Defense Program. Plus, live reporting to your network!


It's a Geiger Counter suitable for evaluating personal and environmental decontamination and preliminary evaluation of food & water contamination.

·         It's a Survey Meter suitable for evaluating safe evacuation routes and safe sheltering options in a disaster or attack.

·         It's a Dosimeter for tracking cumulative exposure doses.

·         The NukAlert-ER™ is designed for First Responders, Civil Defense and individual personal and family protection.

·         EMS, Fire, Police, First Responders

·         Evacuation Routing Evaluations

·         Shelter Viability Evaluations

·         Hospital, School, Shelter Entrances

·         Food & Water Preliminary Evaluations

·         Decontamination & Remediation Tasks

·         Family and Individual Protection

·         Live on-line field reporting network

·         The NukAlert-ER™ can measure the higher radiation fields near a nuclear incident as well as any elevated levels still around months later or further away. 

·         The device can also be used to gauge the cumulative exposure dose of a single individual or group to aid wise decision making.

·         Intuitive and easy operation with user rate/dose alarm presets. Manual simplifies radiation level interpretation & proper action.



Range and Accuracy (Cs137):   1µR/hr through 600R/hr ± 20%

Gamma Sensitivity:   18 counts/sec @ 1mR/hr (10µSv/hr)

Saturation:   No saturation below 1000R/hr

Background (Shielded):   <10 counts/minute

Beta sensitivity:   Through front window above 200KeV

Geiger System:   Active electronic quenching

High Rate Measurement Method:   Time To First Count

Tube Voltage:   Adjustable by software up to 1000V

Geiger Tube:   Supplied with KR-121 Geiger tube,  Other tubes available as options.

Compensation:   Optional Sn/Cu

Data Access:   By Display, USB, or Live OnLine Feed!

Display:   2 line x 16 character backlit LCD

User selectable Roentgen or Sievert scale

Power source:   2 AA alkaline or NiMH cells, USB,

or Universal Cell Phone Charger

Battery Life (2600mAhr Alkaline):   Up to 65hr at background count rate

~32hrs between 1mR/hr and 10mR/hr

~24hrs Geiger above 100mR/hr

Up to 1 year in periodic monitor mode

Up to 3 years sleep mode

Size and Weight:   135mm x 70mm x 25mm, 165g

Operating Environment:   -15°C to +65°C

0 to 95% humidity (non condensing)

Altitude to 5Km



1 year full, 5 yrs prorated parts & labor


Communicates with Win PC and internet via


Apple and Android apps under development.

USB Cable & custom protective case included.



A Renowned Expert's Review of the NukAlert-ER

 "As documented in my recent book ACTIONS FOR SURVIVAL, First-Responders and the public alike can safely endure brief high levels of radiation exposure to save both themselves and others.  Unfortunately most available instruments are designed for low-level detection and are incapable of reading the much higher, truly life-threatening but manageable, radiation levels.  Without appropriate instruments First-Responders will be pulled back too far to do much good, and those in affected areas won't know if they have 10 hours or 10 minutes to evacuate safely.  NukAlert-ER is the first affordable 'Extended Range' instrument that provides seamless coverage, from uR/hr background measurement to life threatening levels up to 600R/hr. It is both an alarming rate meter and dosimeter with USB and optional Bluetooth for remote monitoring and reporting.  Throughout my over 60 year nuclear career, if I could have had only one instrument to assure my personal safety, the NukAlert-ER 'Extended Range' is exactly what I would have wanted. It will be a life-saver for both First-Responders and the public."


Allen Brodsky, Sc.D., CHP, CIH, DABR

Adjunct Prof. of Radiation Science,

Georgetown Univ. Physics Dept., Catholic U of America,

Washington, DC



 - Senior Scientist at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), McLean, VA.

- Senior Health Physicist at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Washington, DC

- Tech Director Radiation Medicine Unit, PBU Hospital, managed plutonium contaminated patients

- Radiation Hazards Physicist at U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Washington, DC

- Physicist, Radef Officer at Federal Civil Defense Administration, training responders in fallout

- Physicist, 2nd H Bomb Test at Bikini Atoll measuring prompt neutron spectra & dose vs. distance

- Physicist, 1st H Bomb Test at Enewetak Atoll measuring prompt gamma radiation signals

- Head, Health Physics Unit at Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC



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