CD V-742 Dosimeters & CD V-750 Charger

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Model:  CD V-742  Dosimeter & CD V-750 Charger

Detection Range:  Measures Exposures from 0 – 200 Roentgen (R)

Cumulative Radiation Exposure Dosimeter & Charger

Condition:  Used, Calibrated & Fully Operational

Includes:  (1) CD V-750 Charger,  (3) CD V-742 Dosimeters & Manual
Power Supply:  Requires 1 common 1.5v D-Cell Batteries (Not Included)


KI4U Radiation Lab Tested & Recently Calibrated

KI4U, Inc. is licensed and authorized by the State of Texas (Bureau of Radiation Control License No. L05515).   KI4U is the only private, non-government, lab that specializes in calibrating high-range Civil Defense instruments.  These Dosimeters & Charger have been rigorously inspected, tested and calibrated at the licensed radiation calibration laboratory - KI4U.  They are fully ready for reliable, accurate and confident service in the field. 

These units are taken through preventative maintenance, tests and evaluations prior to calibration. After passing the KI4U lab calibration they are then certified and a calibration sticker is placed on the unit showing the calibration date and other relevant information.


These units may look slightly used cosmetically.  This package contains (3) Civil Defense CD V-742 Dosimeters, (1) Civil Defense CD V-750 Charger and a manual.   The dosimeters will all have been successfully electrical leakage tested and radiation exposure accuracy tested, using a specially designed rotating carousel within the CD V-794 calibrator as specified by FEMA to achieve the correct and uniform mid-scale radiation exposure test. They will have a certification sticker indicating such on them. The charger has also been tested for proper function.


The direct-reading pocket dosimeter is a portable instrument designed to measure the total accumulated dose of moderate and high levels of gamma radiation.  The CD V-742 Dosimeter is worn on the outer clothing in the chest area.  It is approximately 4.25" long, 0.5" diameter. Looking through the eyepiece reveals how much radiation the wearer has been exposed to. The needle moves farther over to the right the more it's been irradiated.


The instruments make use of a small quartz fiber electroscope as an exposure detector and indicator. An image of the fiber is projected onto a film scale and viewed through the eyepiece lens. The scale is calibrated in roentgens (R) and may be read by looking through the eyepiece toward a lamp or other source of light. A CDV-750 dosimeter charger must be used in conjunction with the dosimeter to set the instrument to zero. The charger may also be used to read the scale or you can hold the dosimeter up to any light source and look through it.

The CDV-742 Dosimeter is an 'electroscope' it is electro statically charged by the CDV-750 charger. The Dosimeter does NOT use a battery. The only battery used is one 1.5V D-Cell battery used in the CDV-750 charger.

This meter measures your TOTAL Accumulated DOSE, not how MUCH radiation you are getting PER HOUR. For monitoring radiation dose per hour you will want something like the CD V-715 or CD V-717 High Range Survey Meter or the CD V-700 Low Range Geiger Counter.

You may find CD V-742’s or CD V-750’s on EBay or other such sites but they are almost always surplus items that have not been inspected, tested, repaired or calibrated.  Using an uncalibrated device could expose you to dangerous levels of radiation.  Calibration can only be performed by a licensed radiation calibration lab such as KI4U.


Don’t wait until a nuclear crisis occurs to order one of these.  Once a crisis occurs the demand will almost certainly outpace the availability. 


***The photos are a representation of the product and not the exact product that will be shipped to you.***

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