CD V-717 Radiation Survey Meter

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Model:  CD V-717 Radiation Survey Meter (ion chamber type)

Detection Range:  0 to 500 Roentgens per Hour (R/hr) Range

High-level Gamma Radiation Detection

Condition:  Used, Calibrated & Fully Operational

Includes:  Carrying Strap & Manual
Power Supply:  Requires 1 common 1.5v D-Cell Batteries (Not Included)


KI4U Radiation Lab Tested & Recently Calibrated

KI4U, Inc. is licensed and authorized by the State of Texas (Bureau of Radiation Control License No. L05515).   KI4U is the only private, non-government, lab that specializes in calibrating high-range Civil Defense instruments.  This Survey Meter has been rigorously inspected, tested and calibrated at the licensed radiation calibration laboratory - KI4U.  It is fully ready for reliable, accurate and confident service in the field. 

These units are taken through preventative maintenance, tests and evaluations prior to calibration. After passing the KI4U lab calibration they are then certified and a calibration sticker is placed on the unit showing the calibration date and other relevant information.   


Radiation meters SAVE LIVES.  ONLY HIGH LEVELS of radiation are fatal.   It takes 300 to 500 Rads of Total Dose for 50% of those exposed to die. 


The CD V-717 is a modification of the CD V-715 ionization chamber survey meter.  Its operating characteristics and specifications are very similar to those of the CD V-715, except that the 717 has a removable hermetically sealed chamber that can be attached to 25 feet of cable. This gives the 717 the ability to make remote readings, e.g., with the chamber outside the monitoring station where it is used.    The CD V-717 portable monitoring instrument measures gamma radiation dose rates as high as 500 roentgens per hour (R/hr).  It is designed to be used in determining radioactive contamination levels that may result from an enemy attack or other nuclear disaster.  The CD V-717 consists of three case sections.  The top section contains the meter and almost all of the circuitry.  The bottom section contains the ion chamber and provides for storage of the 25 feet of cable and the storage spool.  The center section provides for electrically connecting the circuit board on the top section to the chamber from the bottom section.  The case sections are electrically connected through two triaxial connectors which mate when the case sections are locked together.  The instrument may be operated as a handheld portable type survey instrument when all case sections are locked together, or, the bottom section of the case may be removed and the 25 foot triaxial cable employed to allow remote sensing operation of the ion chamber detector.  It has had two controls: a zero adjust knob and a range switch.  The range selector switch which turns the instrument on checks its operation and serves to select the proper range.  The zero control is used to adjust the supply voltage to compensate for battery aging, temperature variations, thus, insuring rated accuracy for any reading taken

The purpose of this instrument is explained in the following quote from CPG 1-30 (FEMA 1981): "This instrument was designed for use by radiological monitors in WER stations during the early period following a nuclear attack. The purpose of the instrument is to decrease the radiation exposure to monitors by making it unnecessary for the monitor to leave his shelter in order to obtain an outside measurement."

The term "WER" refers to the Weapons Effects Reporting stations which had previously been referred to as Fallout Monitoring or Fixed Monitoring stations. According to CPG 1-30, they are facilities with fallout protection, reliable communications, instruments and trained monitors that are designated for the collection and reporting of weapons effects and radiological data to the local Emergency Operating Center (EOC).


  • Weighs 5.23 pounds, die cast aluminum and drawn steel case, watertight, will float. 
  • Powered with one D-sized battery will operate continuously for 150 hours, longer if on intermittent basis.
  • Instrument accuracy on any of its four ranges is within +- 20% of true dose rate. 
  • Accuracy maintained throughout temperature ranges of -20 F to +125 F, relative humidity to 100% and altitudes up to 25,000.
  • Scales/Range:  X0.1:  0 - 0.5 R/hr,  X1:  0 - 5.0 R/hr,  X10: 0 - 50 R/hr,   X100: 0 - 500 R/h.
  • Response time: 95% of final reading in nine seconds, two minute warm up.
  • Use of the remote cable feature should give less than +- 5% change in reading.
  • These units may look slightly used cosmetically.


*** IMPORTANT - How this Meter Reads Radiation ***

This meter is NOT for measuring common, normal, background radiation, NOT for measuring radiation that might be in food or water, or very small radioactive particles that might be on your clothing or skin. For that get the CD V-700 GEIGER Counter Radiation meter, it will measure that low, but it won't measure radiation any higher than 50 miliRads/hour.


This meter MEASURES how MUCH radiation you are getting PER HOUR.  It does NOT measure your TOTAL Accumulated DOSE.  FOR DOSE monitoring you want something as simple as a RADSTICKER or a CDV-742 DOSIMETER and CDV-750 charger.

You may find CD V-717's on EBay or other such sites but they are almost always surplus items that have not been inspected, tested, repaired or calibrated.  Just because it's advertised as working doesn't unnecessarily mean it's been calibrated.  These instruments require periodic calibration to function properly.  Using an uncalibrated device could expose you to dangerous levels of radiation.  Calibration can only be performed by a licensed radiation calibration lab such as KI4U.


Don't wait until a nuclear crisis occurs to order one of these.  Once a crisis occurs the demand will almost certainly outpace the availability. 


***The photos are a representation of the product and not the exact product that will be shipped to you.***

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