CD V-700 Radiological Geiger Counter

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  • Radiation Detection:Low-Level Radiation Detection

Model:  CD V-700 6A Victoreen Geiger Counter

Detection Range:  0-50 mR/hr

Civil Defense Low-Level Radiation Detection

Condition:  Used, Calibrated & Operational

Includes:  Headphones, Carrying Strap & Manual

Power Supply:  Requires 4 common 1.5v D-Cell Batteries (Not Included)

KI4U Radiation Lab Tested & Recently Calibrated

KI4U, Inc. is licensed and authorized by the State of Texas (Bureau of Radiation Control License No. L05515).   KI4U is the only private, non-government, lab that specializes in calibrating high-range Civil Defense instruments.  This Geiger counter has been rigorously inspected, tested and calibrated at the licensed radiation calibration laboratory - KI4U.  It is fully ready for reliable, accurate and confident service in the field. 


These units are taken through preventative maintenance, tests and evaluations prior to calibration. After passing the KI4U lab calibration they are then certified and a calibration sticker is placed on the unit showing the calibration date and other relevant information.


These units may look slightly used cosmetically.  They have a check source on the side and a headphone jack.  The device comes with a manual and headphones.  Some units may be modified and fitted with modern headphones rather than the original type.  The Victoreen Model 6A Geiger counters was considered the 'work horse' of the emergency response community with thousands still in use today across America.  The estimated date of the first production of the Model 6A was 1961.

Three ranges allow low-level gamma radiation measurement at 0 - 0.5 mR/hr, 0 - 5.0 mR/hr and 0 - 50.0 mR/hr. A milliRoentgen (mR) is one thousandth of a Roentgen (R).   The detector on the CD V-700 is a Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube.  The probe on the CD V-700 has a section in the center which rotates to expose a window for also detecting beta radiation.  The unit detects beta radiation and gamma radiation with the detecting wand's beta shield open, or gammas only when the shield is closed.  This survey meter is only calibrated for gamma radiation, so you cannot get an accurate reading of the exposure rate from beta particles, only an indication of their presence.

The CD V-700 is a true Geiger Counter capable of measuring ambient background levels of gamma radiation and detecting the presence of beta radiation in the environment.  The CD V-700s main purpose was as a peacetime training instrument and for use in checking food and shelter entrances for low levels of fallout contamination.  They are also capable of detecting low-level radioactivity in items like artifacts, uranium-doped marbles, Fiesta-ware plates and radium watch faces.  This meter has a probe that you can detach and use as a wand to check a person's entire body from head to toe for radiation 


High-radiation fields can saturate the geiger tube, causing the meter to read a very low level of radiation.  The CD V-700 was used in combination with ion chamber meters such as the CD V-715, CD V-717, which can only measure higher levels of radiation but do not saturate.  We sell these ion chamber meters as well.


This meter measures how much radiation you are getting PER HOUR.  It does NOT measure your TOTAL Accumulated DOSE.  FOR DOSE you need the CDV-742 Dosimeter and CDV-750 Charger.  If you do not have these something as simple as a RADSTICKER is beneficial.   


You may find CD V-700's on EBay or other such sites but they are almost always surplus items that have not been inspected, tested, repaired or calibrated.  Using an uncalibrated device could expose you to dangerous levels of radiation.  Calibration can only be performed by a licensed radiation calibration lab such as KI4U.


Don't wait until a nuclear crisis occurs to order one of these.  Once a crisis occurs the demand will almost certainly outpace the availability. 


***The photos are a representation of the product and not the exact product that will be shipped to you.***


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