Actions For Survival

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Actions For Survival

Hard Cover, 363 pages, published 2011

ISBN #: 978-0982318577

By: Allen Brodsky


This book provides the rationale for, and necessary life-saving information for, preparing the general member of the public for personal and family survival. It also gives recommendations for top leaders of government agencies and emergency response organizations to enhance their abilities to protect the public or reduce effects from weapons of mass destruction or effects from nuclear or chemical accidents. The emphasis in this book is to provide the simplest information and rules of thumb for early actions in the seconds, minutes, and early hours after an attack, before the limited number of scientists are able to assess extents of damage and exposure, and before the limited number of responders will be able to assist individual families and members of the public. The book also explains how the public has been subjected to exaggerations of low-level exposures, provides information on radiation risks versus dose, and recommends public education that would prevent unwarranted panic in the vast areas that might be contaminated with radioactive materials.

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